Infinite Parallax of the Geometric Armadillo

© Darren Tynan 2014.

All images are the property of Darren Tynan. Under no circumstances can they be reproduced, copied, adapted, manipulated or published without permission from the copyright owner.

Artwork by Darren TYNAN
Artwork by Darren TYNAN

In a modern era, the terror of the infinite and unknowable, something Cézanne called ‘iridescent chaos’, is depicted here with a sense of awe and cognitive uncertainty created by a mechanistic force. The observer struggles to comprehend a reference point for the depicted form’s magnitude, which is accented by a breakdown of clear visual coordinates.

The geometry depicted in Infinite parallax of the geometric armadillo is presented as a kind of swirling mechanical mass; a seemingly organic fractal bacteria spreads across the underneath of this structure. The intricate architectural patterns of the machine manifest outward from a compressed mechanical nucleus. This nucleus contains the energetic embodiment of the structure, trembling with intricate fragility and remarkable solidity simultaneously; each structural remnant echoes outward in a Fibonaccian spiral.

Contact the artist to purchase this work as a high quality 12×24″ or 24×48″ canvas print.


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