BMX Kids Never Grow Up


Words and photography by Darren TYNAN

Local BMX competitor Jacob Cochrane was born into a passion for high energy sports; a love for everything bike related has grown into a lifelong commitment that he promises to keep.

After taking out third place in the men’s 25-29 state championships in 2012, Jacob also competed in the national championships in Brisbane earlier in 2013 and has recently taken the role of Vice-President for the Bunbury BMX club. He looks forward to the future and reminds me of something very important – to never lose our childlike capacity to have fun and aspire to fulfill our dreams; it’s something within us all.

Jacob smiles as he remembers the resourcefulness of his early childhood BMX experiences, saying that it all began as a way of riding around with friends and having fun. In a doubtless display of ability, he even performed a jump over his nana; his tenacity and her trust combined to perform a feat that was both humorous and perhaps anxiety-inducing for onlookers.

Since beginning his riding career at a serious level, Jacob said competing in BMX fulfilled his expectations as something very worthwhile and enjoyable.

‘It was what I expected it to be. I haven’t really stopped since then’, he said.

‘Before last year I was only doing local events. Bunbury on Wednesday nights for something to do during the week. Last year I decided I was going to ride the state titles, which is the WA teams. I rode that and really enjoyed it, so I set my mind to going to the nationals this year’.

Jacob explained that competing at the nationals, an event held earlier this year in Brisbane at an Olympic training facility, was a tough challenge as his debut national event although he didn’t have any expectations.

‘To be there was the first priority. Then I realised when I got there that everything after that was a bonus’, he said.

‘There’s still a level of professionalism where everyone is out to win and does a lot of training before and what not, but it’s still very relaxed as everything with BMX is. It’s very family orientated, no stress, everyone talks to everyone and you feel very welcome’.

Jacob has since taken on his new role at the Bunbury BMX club and will be training hard to compete in the state titles in October, the main event for WA and one of the last events before the Christmas break.

‘I’m looking forward to putting some input into the club. Not many riders are on the committee either so it’s a good chance to voice the riders’ opinions or changes to the track and all that sort of stuff’.

He emphasises that he doesn’t allow the competitive nature of BMX to get in the way of his primary concern – to enjoy himself. When asked how to define his passion in three words, he said it was all ‘too much fun’. His lips turned up again in a knowing smile, mentioning that ‘never grow up’ is another phrase that could describe his BMX experience really well.


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